1.14 Minecraft Server


HOw to join:

In order to join the InkCraft server you must both fill out the application:

Join the discord:

You will be given a rank on the discord after you’ve been whitelisted, if you have not been whitelisted after more then a day, please shoot CloudPelt, the server owner, a message.

Server Info:

InkCraft’s 1.14 Server is a SMP, with some creative builds by the owner to allow players to build at spawn and have a pathway to/around their plots. There are some RP aspects to it, with mini events, as well as events to fight the dragon and things of the sort. It is a whitelisted server, and prides itself on having a very friendly and welcoming community.

Whilst the server is mostly made up of older teens and up, we allow players of all ages, and try to keep a positive vibe all around. If you ever feel you are being bother by anyone for one reason or another, please let staff know.

I will announce on the discord when we are doing the Dragon/Traveling to the end event. These events often also get players some cute/rp items that normally would be a bit weird to get, but not op.

There is a wall, but its 10k all ways, and the servers has 12 GB of ram, so if its ever needed, I can expand the wall outwards.


1. No Cheating.

2.No Hacking.

3.No Griefing.

4.Don’t Be A Dick.

Rules are short and simple, general server rules apply, I would prefer not to have reasons to add more onto this list, in the end what CloudPelt says, goes.