Dungeons,Dragons, and Space sHUTTLES sERVER


In order to join the InkCraft servers you must both fill out the application:

Join the discord:

You will be given a rank on the discord after you’ve been whitelisted, if you have not been whitelisted after more then a day, please shoot CloudPelt, the server owner, a message.

Server Info:

InkCraft’s Modded Server is a SMP using the modpack Dungeons,Dragons,and Space Shuttles on the Twitch Launcher. There will not be many plugins as /home is included in the pack.It is a whitelisted server, and prides itself on having a very friendly and welcoming community.

Whilst the server is mostly made up of older teens and up, we allow players of all ages, and try to keep a positive vibe all around. If you ever feel you are being bother by anyone for one reason or another, please let staff know.


1. No Cheating.

2.No Hacking.

3.No Griefing.

4.Don’t Be A Dick.

Rules are short and simple, general server rules apply, I would prefer not to have reasons to add more onto this list, in the end what CloudPelt says, goes.

How To Install ModPack:

1.Download the Twitch Launcher

2.Go to Browse Modpacks

3.Search for Dungeons,Dragons, and Space Shuttles

4.Allocate atleast 4-6 GB of RAM!

Server will not have plugins more then likely, but players can set homes, and inventory will be kept upon death.

The whitelist is the same for vanilla and modded!