Headshots/avatar start at: $15 usd

Headshots/Avatars are at the price included are lined and fully colored, however this can be changed if it is not outside of my capabilities, though price will can be greatly different, since this is the base price.


Busts/Waist Up start at: $20 USD

Busts are neck/chest up, Waists up, are well, the waist up. Price will go up based on complexity of the character, and the default is lined and fully colored, but again this can be changed if within my capabilities. Half payment is required upfront, the other half after the final SKETCH is approved by the commissioner. First half of payment is non-refundable.


Full Body start at $35 USD

Full Body commissions are lined and fully colored.

Reference sheet can also be made off of these images, but those start at $45, basically if you get a fully body + $10.

Reference sheets at the base include the one point of view full body, two view points of the headshot, back and front of hands if the design is complicated,and color pallet.